Top 10 Popular Search Engines 2022

Top 10 Popular Search Engines


Top 10 Popular Search Engines

Search engines are the most important part of the internet and daily basis use, where provide information. It means you entered your query in input fields and there show results that are related to your query. So here we are suggesting a Top 10 popular search engines with some brief useful information. Here we not only talking about google.

As you already know the internet search engine king is Google. But, Google has millions of data on particular searches and Google gives you the right way to search. If we talk about how search engines work or how they actually start with their own algorithm with their marketing strengths. But Sometimes you are in trouble with the searches which that engines showing us.

The main purpose of search engines is to work on keywords bases that you entered in search fields and it shows you perfect results.

Why Serch engines Is Important?

In we say in simple language why this is important Then, we have the right words for you. Anyone can find anything which doesn’t bother that word/query or need any suggestions and find the best results. That purpose search engines are useful.

But that case Google is popular for the find any best result and most users also prefer google.

If you are looking for the same search engines which provide perfect results with great search experiences.

Then we have the list of top 10 search engines:-


Google is the king of the internet and search engines. Which are Formerly coming in the years of 1998 and founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At that time yahoo and other search engines are on top of that time. But that time google is only providing user searching results and others are provides some important stuff like mailing services and ads services, news, and much more. That google provides the same services which are totally different ways and after that, Google is going more popular. Now google is rocking everywhere in its own way with different types of products.


Yahoo is an American web search engine portal founded by the year 1994. The founders of yahoo are Jerry Yang and David Filo. At that yahoo is covering the market on a fast track with great search results. Yahoo has launched so many products at that time after its popularity like yahoo mail, yahoo finance, and the news. At that time yahoo also has a good user experience and also provided a filter option for the searches. Also started a game for chid and for adult career features(Job searches filter). Yahoo has many products like yahoo messager, Answer, and Yahoo sports which are more popular day by day.


Bing is operated by Microsoft and the founder of this engine Steven Anthony Ballmer. This engine has Available in 40 different languages. This web engine is most popular in European countries with high searching history. Bing is also providing the same service as google but as we compare to some other services like for SEO purposes bing is not providing service like Google. As we seem past the history of bing, these engines firstly start as an MSN browser then windows live search then after live search. Overall says bing is one of the old search engines with multiple different types of products like google but remember bing is not google.


Yandex is a Russian search engine and was established in the year 1997. The founder of Yandex is Arkady Volozh, Arkady Borkovsky, and Ilya Segalovich with some different products and with 8,854 employees who are working on theirs. This is most popular in Russian country and among the 49% of Russian people using these engines. Yandex has the same features as Google and other engines that have a webmaster tool, mail and etc. Following This engine has so many products like its own cloud service, browser, market, online food store, payment services, map, traffic (Road), taxi services and languages Translate tool, etc.


Badiu is a Chinese web browser that is established in the year 2000 and the founder of these engines is Robin Li & Eric Xu. This is the most popular search engine with multiple technology and services provided. Also, have the same service as google and yahoo provides, but have more like maps, books, and other searches category. Baidu has different types of searches like mp3 search and movie search in these engines. Baidu is a partner of Snapchat with an official reseller of this Snapchat application. These search engines have a long history of active and restrictive in online search censor areas.


The spotlight of search engines is DuckDuckGo with and most popular browsers for relevant results. Following this browser is established in the year 2008 and created by Gabriel Weinberg. Following this browser and search engines have their own policies. These engines do not collect your privacy and also do not trace your locations. As we compare to the features of these engines Duckduckgo has so many extra features. This engine also provides a simple website shortcut key to find any product or any kind of search. You can also check any website status which is up or down. As you know following this type of search engine is most used for hacking purposes and finding some hidden truth of the internet.

Ask is a question and answer search portal and fully focused on E-business. This engine is originally designed by Garrett Gruener and was established the year of 1996. These are popular engines like google with millions of searches in and months. These engines have their own history as to become more popular and useful for peoples. But these engines have to face issues. In the years 2010, the loss of 130 engine losses as compared to google. But this portal is not stopped, they continue with the online community of questions and answers. After that ask is also sponsoring the business listing for business for direct sales and slowly these engines going most popular and day by day peoples/businessmen using this portal for direct deals.

The first search engine of the internet portal is AOL and the original name of America Online. This engine is established the year fo 1985 with the founders of Marc Sheriff, Steve Case, Jim Kimsey, and William von Meister. These engines have so many own products like daily News, mail services, digital media, mobile phones, Softwares, Memberships, and much more. Following these engines have a large number of employees with the other own company. Also, have the same features as bing and other webmaster engines for webmasters. This engine is mostly covered worldwide and most popular in the United States.


Quora’s is a question & answers online forum answering engine, and founded by Adam D’Angelo & Charlie Cheever in the years of 2009. Following this is similar to but as we compare both engines quora are different. this engine is the most popular and day by day it becomes more popular. Quora have some cool features which really helpful for moderators who have to support various type of answer. Also, have violation report options with upvote and downvote features which really helpful for a find the perfect answer. Here have a partner program which helpful for a user who has an account and they can also make money from quora. As we see this online forum is growing increasing as per the google reports.


This search engine was founded by Christian Kroll years of 2009. This engine is also a partner of bing and yahoo with Wikipedia. Ecosia is mostly available for all devices like mobile, tablets, and ios. Following this browser is clear to mention they didn’t sell the privacy of users and any kind of analytics tools they used to track your records. This browser is funding for planting a tree which is every single search (0.75sec). The main idea is to plant a tree with the help of local communities and local businesses. This browser has its own extension which is available in google chrome browser and firefox. Currently, this browser is working on planting a tree project in some countries.

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